Saturday, 31 January 2015

Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains.

Your first question will probably be ‘who is this person’. The real answer is there is no right or wrong answer. It could be you, your mum, a colleague, anyone really, anyone that puts their mind to achieving their dreams. This is the quote I’ve lived by since I’ve dared to adventure.

A bit about me:
I’m 21 and I’m a keen adventurer. I’ve always loved the outdoors, but unfortunately due to academic commitments and a few other things, this passion got forgotten. A few months ago I unearthed this passion again and swore to myself that I needed to embrace it this time around and not to let anything stop me. Since this realisation, I have rekindled my love for skiing, climbing and mountain walking. This year is going to be stupidly busy, hopefully making it my best yet (Cliché I know). I’ve signed up to do BEL, SPA and ML. I’m going to Tignes, America and Morocco. Whilst also trying to fit in my last year of Law at university, a part time job on a beauty counter, volunteering as an instructor in the Air Training Corps and beginning a career in Outdoor Education.  

So I guess what I’m trying to say is this blog is a way to document my adventures. Whether it is just writing about somewhere I’ve been, an activity I’ve done or just discussing a new piece of gear. I hope you take away from this some inspiration or information, or at the least it provides you with a bit of light entertainment. As you may guess I’m pretty new to this so any feedback is appreciated.

Glad I’ve finally written this post now, I’ve been putting it off for too long haha.


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